Friday, May 26, 2006

Puppies are now 6 weeks old

Now comes the fun part. Our pups are 6 weeks old and we are trying to find them new homes. We had been letting them just have their own corner of my office here, since we have a tile floor, but that is no longer working. The little escape artists have figured out how to get loose and chew on cords and other things. Last night was the final straw. When I woke up this am, most of the books on my lower shelves had been chewed on (I had already cleared the bottom shelf just in case). I guess it doesn't help that I am not really a dog person.

Today, they are outside, in the fenced in play area near the barn, crying pitifully because they are lonesome (outside rather than chewing on my toes while I check my email), and I both feel bad and NOT. I am taking a break from cleaning up my office, and setting up the doggie crate in here for the pups, and generally reclaiming my office. My husband says this is a misnomer since technically this far from the rest of the household little room is *supposed* to be the "guest bedroom". Pshaw--it's used as my personal fortress of solitude during the 99% of the time that we don't have an overnight guest.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

All New Blog

After having some jerks continue to put spam and p*rn on my old blog, I have just signed up with the new blog with, which allows me to moderate comments. I know it is more inconvenient for people to have to sign in to post comments, but it will save us all from having to look at stuff we'd rather not see.

I hope to get all of my recent posts(and archived posts--all 167 of them) from the other one put up on this one sometime soon. :-). Thanks for your understanding---not that I am that faithful of a blogger anyway. ;)

Ciao, Kimbers