Friday, January 16, 2009

Using Podcasts in your Learning Adventure

A few days ago, I blogged about my whiteboard in my dining room, which we use for all manner of educational review and learning, though right now it's mostly foreign language. This lead to a question about learning foreign languages. In that post about learning foreign languages, I mentioned using podcasts, especially via iTunes, and briefly shared that they can be burned onto CDs, put on iPods or other MP3 players, etc.

After that post, I had a few emails, and some local (In Real Life) readers who asked me to come over and show them how to use iTunes because they weren't completely sure about it. Well, after that I realized that if one person is confused, then there are probably a few more confused out there (and since I had more than one person say they were confused, there was probably a heap of confused people).

I started to create a blog post on how to use Podcasts with iTunes. I soon realized that this is a visual thing, and so I created a video to help you see it better. I pray this video helps you to better visualize the process.

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